eCEQA 101

A primer on using eCEQA

Icon Report SearchWhy eCEQA?

The California legislature has created a number of streamlining options, but figuring out how they work and if they apply to a project is not straightforward and can be confusing and frustrating at times. 

ICF created eCEQA to help all parties realize the benefits of streamlining options to save time, money, and effort in CEQA compliance.  This not only helps project sponsors and CEQA practitioners, but also allows lead agencies to focus their efforts on projects with larger environmental challenges that deserve more attention.

Icon Report SearchWho Should Use eCEQA?

Project sponsors, CEQA lead agencies, and CEQA practitioners should use this tool to readily determine if their project may qualify for an exemption or streamlining.

Icon Report SearchHow it Works

The eCEQA tool evaluates your project against 16 different streamlining and exemption opportunities and tells you, in real time, whether your project qualifies for streamlining or an exemption.

Use of our tool can help expedite CEQA review for a large number of projects, particularly projects that are consistent with previously prepared CEQA documents or those that include much-needed housing in our communities. The streamlining and exemption opportunities our tool evaluates are primarily limited to those that encourage development, especially housing, in infill areas.

Icon Report SearchHow ICF Can Help

If you get stumped, you can reach out to us at any time.

Even if you find your project does not qualify for CEQA streamlining, ICF can help. We have been preparing CEQA documents for every kind of project in every part of California for a long time. We can apply that experience to help you find the best way through the CEQA process. We love you don't have to!

CEQA is not the only thing ICF does. We have a complete environmental planning practice that includes federal environmental review (NEPA), other state environmental review processes, federal, state and local environmental permitting, habitat conservation planning, greenhouse gas inventorying and reduction planning, climate change resiliency planning, and other environmental services. Check out more about our services here.

You can also learn more about the team that created eCEQA here.